Tuesday, September 7, 2010

BBQ Tomoto tuna on rice with egg and peas.

Ok, finally I get a bit of time to sit down and write a proper email! So we have had a crazy week full of bad news. We had been having a really bad time with all our investigators. At one point we only had one investigator! They keep moving and losing interest! But at the end of the week things started turning for the better and now I'm happy. We have many good appointments set up for the following week so it’ll be good. The news came yesterday. Elder Hansen got a call from President Patch and he was called to be a zone leader in Basildon in Essex. Which mean I get a new companion... again. My new companion is Elder Enenkel and he is from Austria. I pick him up tomorrow so I don’t really know anything about him just yet. The weather here is absolutely crazy. It’s like the attitude of a fifteen-year-old girl. You never know what it will be like each day and with out one sign of warning it will do a complete about face!!! (No offence to any 15 year old girl that may read this I’m just saying...) Thank you mom for putting the money in my account but I must admit I used some of it for the wrong reason.... August was hard for us and we spent the last month with out any money and it got a bit interesting with food. I used some money for at train ticket into London for zone conference.

But back to the food. Missionaries do not have a years supply (except sister missionaries but then again what don’t they have?). So Elder Hansen and I had some interesting dinners. We basically would find whatever was in the house and boil it and put it with pasta. My favorite dinner, which sounds nasty but actually turned out quite good was tomato tuna on rice that was boiled with an egg and peas with bbq sauce and beef gravy. Elder Hansen added the gravy and I wasn’t to excited about that. I'm sad that Elder Hansen is leaving. I have had so much fun with him. Although he has extreme anti-American views, believes in global warming as a fact, and dislikes capitalism, we had a great time together and were always laughing.

Anyway news from home: Mom- keep at it I know that it is stressful but you have no idea the impact that you are having on those kids. Looking back Coach Leblanc and Workman had a more profound impact on those four years of my life then any other person at that school. You are an amazing role model for them and are teaching them the most important lesson that any teenager can learn. Hard work pays off and is always worth it. It sad how people have gotten so use to instant gratification that if something takes three minutes to download their blood pressure rises and they get up set. I wish that every one in the world could just take one week and worry about nothing and just enjoy time rather then trying to make more of it.

Sheldon did you get my letter/birthday card? I hope so I spent Hours working on it and I know that you love it! Brigg I laughed when mom told me that you were finally comfortable with swimming in a jammer! I thought that you would love to wear one and show off you manly muscular legs. Are you enjoying swim? Is it really that hard or are swimmers just girls? I have heard nothing about the Thompson’s house but if that is the case that is the saddest news I got all week. I love that place something is wrong with the computer I'm using and I cannot use the shift key or do any punctuation so please know that I am still smart and now how to write correctly. Dad: sounds like you really are having a good time with your new job but I'm really glad that you also got some time to spend with the family. The saddest thing about England and probably the root to all their social problems is that there in no such thing as a family unit. People just have "partners" and live with them for a couple of years and move on. Also England goes through two generations before we go through one. No kidding! I saw a twelve-year-old girl who looked nine months pregnant the other day. It was so sad. Then I had a ten year old ask me if I had a spare cigarette. It is sick to see what happens to a whole society when correct family principles are thrown out the window. It’s so sad to see when people have kids before they are ready and then try to raise them before they themselves are mature. I see all the time pregnant teenagers pushing a stroller with a cigarette in their mouth talking on the phone and screaming at their baby to shut up. I just want to scream. But I've been quite negative for a bit.

Guys at work: I want Robin to know how sorry I am that I cannot email you back but I love all the emails I get keeping me in the loop. Sounds like Brian is doing awesome and I have to admit when you told me about your dog I thought you were talking about a person and I was getting all worked up until I saw that you took him to the vet and then I calmed down and laughed. Congrats to Kayla. I’m so happy for her!

I wish all the best for everyone back at home. Preston! Holy cow my friend, I'm so happy for you! You are doing great and I hope that everything continues to go your way as you reap the blessings of serving the Lord faithfully for two years! Dad, I love the biscuits and I haven’t seen any of those meat pies that you are talking about but I have seen enough dogs and cats to last me a while. There isn’t enough room for people in the town yet less dogs and cats! They are everywhere and every one has at least two of each! Well, I love you all and I keep you in my prayers. I know that you do the same for me and you are the best people I could ever ask to support me in this great calling.

Elder Solomon

P.S. Elder Hansen loves that chipotle sauce! He puts it on his pasta every night with a bit (big bit) of mayo):) love you all!

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