Monday, December 19, 2011

Angels in the Lord's Hands

Hey Y'all,
On my end life is great!
first a bit of business.
the ~Nicholls gave me an address to forward to you for skypeing it is charlotte_nicholls1.
So calling brigg. I will call Wednesday morning your time if that does not work then Brigg (brigg only so i can talk to the rest of you on christmas morning at 8 your time? ) can call me Tuesday morning (your time) It will cost me only five pounds to call y'all from my card.
I Have ten mintues to go. Brigg i look forward to talking to you before you go. I've been trying to gather my best advice and everything that i wish they would have told me before i went to the MTC. It would be great if you prepare a list of things you would like to know. Or we can just throw that all to the side and just tell eachother how much we love each other........ but thats kinda a sister missionary thing to do.
So inlight of the season President Patch allowed us to have another zone meeting. So we had one today. I organized it a bit different so that instead of training on skills the whole time it was a bit more spiritual. My frist baptism was Hubert Borges De Silva in the Ilford Ward. I called him and invited him to share with us his conversion story and talk abit about how the missionaries (previous to me) impacted him. It was amazing. I'll always remember that he descibed us all as angels in the Lords hands sent to answer his prayers. by our words and by our deeds. Thats what you are getting into Brigg... Are you ready? President Patch also attended our meeting and gave some excellent remarks about change. I love the work that we are engaged in. It is the Lords works.
Love Elder Solomon
If there is any confusion about calls or anything and you need to get ahold of me just drop a message to the Nicholls via facebook.

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