Monday, October 17, 2011

+2 for Jesus

Me and Elder Jankowski with Charlie and Lizete Mendes

Hello one and all!,
It was good to get an email from dad this week. Tell you what pops you're still my hero. Most people in the world would here that story and say oh man that is so cool and car case and the bad guy ended up in the hospital! but it made me sick even to just hear the summarized details. You are me hero for being so involved in the disgusting causilties of the war with sin. You and I are on to different front lines. Luckily I get to pass over the one who have lost their light and serve as a medic. As a missionary I begun to learn how to really put my self in other peoples shoes and really try to experience how they feel and what they think when they go through certain things. You are my hero for standing valiantly and letting the hopeof the gospel shine through your life. It would be so easy to become pessimistic and cynical not to mention turning to atifical cover-ups to get over the emotional baggage that comes with you job. Thank you for being a good example of a tue disciple of Christ and loveing and respecting the Atonement properly enough to use it in your life. And thanks to mom for putting up with you.
I have decided that true Latter-day Saints are truely amazing people. I know of no other people who volunteerialy are streched so very for to there limits and yet do it with a happy countenance. It is amazing to think how much reponsibility most LDS people hold at work then turn around and manage a happy family based on the highest (and might I and unpopular) moral standards and turn around again and give of their time and talents to strength and stretch the kingdom of God. I really hope that I will be able to fit into such a wonderful profile.
We had an excellent week! This weekend Lizete and Charlie Mendes we baptised!!! it was one of the best baptismal services that i have ever attended. Lizete was the one from African that just walked into church one day. Do you remember that? She has progressed at a solid pace all the way through her baptism. She invited all of her friends and family and in all we had about 30 people who were not of our faith there. It was great. Elder Jankowsky, Elder Paul, Elder Krebs and I sang a special musical arragement of 'Love one Another' Elder Krebs sang one of the versus in Portugese (which is the native language of Angola where Lizete is from). It was so touching. Well I baptised Lizete and saw her out of the font then Elder J. got in to baptism Charlie and when i was getting out i said to Charlie 'hop on in' not really thinking of how a nine year old boy would take the direction. Next thing i knew he cannonballed into the baptism font!!!! It was so funny! so i got dressed as fast as i could and i bore my testimony while everyone else was getting ready. I had to draw the analogy of Peter acting in faith and jumping out of the boat onto the water to walk to Jesus. I love the principle of faith. Yesterday at sacrament meeting I confirmed them both. I love being a missionary! Baptisms are the best. Natalie Harrison is prepareing to be baptised this coming Saturda. She came to the baptism this weekend and had a jolly ole time. Natalie is great because she does all her own research. we tell her what we are going to teach her next and she studys Preach My Gospel on the internet. So all our appointments ever consist of is us checking for understanding. Also she has studyed our missionary rules. Now I'm not saying that I am disobedient in any way but she is constently reminding us if we do something wrong it is so great. So Lizete and Natalie both were studying with the Jehovah's Witnesses before we taught them. Lizete invited them to come to the baptism. they did but refused to come in for the service. afterwards Natalie recongnized them and told them that she also was getting baptised into the 'Mormon Chruch'. The look on their face was priceless. Don't get me wrong I love all men and I understand that these people are not bad (just indoctrinated) but it is so funny to see how some people harden their heart when they feel the spirit.
I know that the work we are engaged in is divinely inspired. I know that the kingdom will roll forth until it has filled the world. Already the sun does not set on missionary work in the Lords kingdom. I know that Christ directs this work and I know that all who are willing can quallify to be instuments in His hands. I know that the Lord specifically is guideing my mission. He is aware of my and my weaknesses. I'm forever grateful for the patience He has for me and the strength and encouragement that He gives me.
Take Care,
Elder Solomon

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