Monday, February 28, 2011

Obedience brings blessings

[unedited version]

motherthank you so much for your email
happy frecking birthday preston!!!!
22 man that is crazy i wasjust telling edlerscruggs abut how weuse to box aslittle kids and i woould getso feedup with getting my butt kickedthat ikinda just lost the fire to fight and i would justdance and fool around. poor dad his favoriteson (thats me) wouldnt grow up to be a brawler like him! (love you dad)
Brigg keep your feakin shirt on you're embarrassing the rest of the fatties like my self!
sheldon dont stop reading! the scriptures are the best booksever because they are alive
so Florent's baptism went amazing even though he didnt show up on time he wasbaptised along with towo other muslim gentlemen that i found a month previous president patch came to the service and bore a powerful testimony to our other investigators that were there and basically meltedtheir faces
i have no more time to talk about anything else we need to run to get home on time
obedience brings forth the blessings of heaven dilligent facilitates them
Elder Solomon

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