Monday, December 6, 2010

Kinda Scary

in the Zone

OK, so I really have been writing for a half hour but pressed the wrong button and erased it all. So I will summarize what I was going to say. I'm not happy about your Christmas plans (going snowmobiling in Utah) because I wanted to skype but, oh well. The latest I will be able to call will be 1330 for you. That’s 2030 for me. Just tell me when before then would be alright and I will do it. If you could get a hold of a computer/laptop with skype that would be even better.

159 Henley Road is our current flat but, due to bad neighbors and no hot water, we will be moving to 12 Conduit Road with its jet tube bath. That is in Bedford, Bedfordshire.

It is great being with Elder Rallison. He is proper redneck and we get along very well. We have so much in common it is scary. The only difference is he is in 'survival mode' and has no motivation. Its ok though cause I get an extra three hours in the morning to do my personal study while I wait for him to wake up. Pray for him and me. And us. Please.

Funny stories from yesterday. While tracting we had and angry lady send her very large husband on us. Kinda scary. We also went to Mount Zion Pentecostal Church were we bore testimony and I read to them from The Book of Mormon. Then the preacher delivered and hour and a half Sermon from Galatians 1 and boldly taught false doctrine condemning himself; he taught that every one that taught a gospel that was not a Gospel that Paul taught would be accused. All of his comments were directed indirectly at us. We laughed and cried because of the true lovers of Christ who he was blindly leading astray. We were nice and cordial to him after the service. And wished him a happy journey to Jamaica that he is due to depart on... tithing in good use.

This place has been nicknamed Deadford. I don’t believe it. President Patch pulled me aside on moves day after I gave him a very nasty look for moving me. He said he was sorry. Then explained the challenges that I will have to face this transfer with the area and with my companion but then also explained that he was confident that I could handle it and even make the situation better. I need a miracle. Faith precedes the miracle so lets see what happens after all I can do. I'm looking forward to see some cool things happen.

I love you all and keep you in my prayers always,

Elder Solomon

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