Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hello everyone!
So I need some help I really need that pedigree chart asap because this week we are doing something with it and if you can email it maybe I’ll be able to get them to let me print it off for the activity. Anyhow, I was wondering where our Scottish family came from cause I’m friends now with an Elder Garroway from Glasgow, Scotland, Paisley I think.

Anyhow, we went to the temple last p-day and it was awesome. I love the Preston temple. It is so small and simple, but the spirit is so strong and peaceful. This how complex is like that, even the 'football pitch' were we play soccer! Ok, so I’m better at soccer then I am at basketball which is what we play when it rains... so every other day. It seems like I got stuck in the tall group cause the average height is 6'4!! It’s crazy! Oh, mom the office couple are Elder and Sister Powell! I guess you went to school with their son Eric? They talk about it all the time.

Anyhow last Friday we got to go to the Manchester City Square at Piccadilly and go street contacting. Elder Palmer and I had great time getting rejected! It’s sad to see how many people 'only believe in science' (nacho libre). Ha! I actually said that when someone told me. We talked to these three teenagers on the train for about the Book of Mormon and gave them each one and got an address to send the missionaries to! It was cool. I need to learn to use the filter between my brain and my mouth. One lady told us the she didn’t believe in the after life and I said, “well, that’s boring!” Oh well! Elder Palmer and I have finally gotten down teaching in unity and switching off teaching then testifying. It’s so cool to be directed by the spirit then hear someone testify and say the exact right thing to back it up! I’m so excited to be here! President Thompson of the mtc presidency told us when we first got here (and kinda got emotional), “Thank you so much for coming to my land and helping me teach my people about the gospel.” I’m so excited to continue the work that the most amazing missionaries of the 19th century started! Like Heber C. Kimbell and Dan Jones. Those guys were studs!

Being a district leader is awesome! I try to have as many devotionals as possible and it is so cool to see when whoever I ask to share gives a devotional that is inspired and then is also the subject of a class or big group devotional [later in the day]! Elder Cerr, the area authority, came by on fast Sunday and gave a great talk about obedience which seems to be the subject for the last week. its so much easier to just be obedient with exactness then to try to find ways around it and miss the blessings. It’s only when we are obedient with exactness that we get the full amount of blessings. He talked about when the Saviour told his disciples to throw the net out on the other side of the boat and how they displayed faith and they caught so much fish that two boats started to sink cause of all the fish! It’s crazy also to see the difference between the missionaries that are not completely obedient and those that are. The ones that are not seem to be more plagued by homesickness and more tired and have a harder time teaching then those that have forgotten themselves. Like I said I love my district. I have had the opportunity to sit in the leadership council where all the dl’s give an accounting for each missionary in their district and I have to say mine is the only one without problems and I love it! I think they called me to serve them cause they knew I was the weakest and I couldn’t handle a group with problems.

Anyhow, I had a great thought the other day. faith grows according to obedience. Peter had enough faith to jump out of the storm tossed boat surrounded by contrary winds to walk on the ocean because he had followed the Saviour so long that he knew with a certainty
that if the Saviour commanded it then he could do it! And he did! So the application I had was if we are having a hard time following someone who is our leader, display some faith and just do it then you will understand. So Brigg and Sheldon if you do not have faith in mom and dad then just do what they say and then after a trial of your faith (Ether 12: 6) then will you have the witness that what they are saying is the right thing and you will gain a testimony of obedience.

Any how, love you all. My half hour is up!

Elder Solomon

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